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Platform Behavioral Support Services has highly qualified individuals committed to bringing out your best! Our team includes a psychiatrist, a licensed professional counselor, a developmental psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker, advanced practice registered nurse, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and other mental health professionals. 



We provide family mental health services that include, but are not limited to:


PBSS performs an initial assessment and/or reassessment by clinically obtaining and evaluating historical, social/behavioral, functional, psychiatric, developmental, or other information from the recipient seeking services to determine specific treatment and support needs.


Treatment Planning

The Treatment plan is intended to reduce a recipient’s functional impairments resulting from serious mental illness for adults, reduce serious emotional disturbance in children, and restore a recipient to his/her optimal functioning level in the community. The Treatment plans are based on a comprehensive assessment and address the recipient's strengths, areas of need, preferences, and descriptions of the recipient’s treatment goals.


Medication Management

PBSS offers pharmacotherapy and medication training services that include evaluating and prescribing medications to recipients based on their respective symptoms and support services consisting of education and guidance about medications and their possible side effects.

Skills Training and Development

PBSS offers skills training and supportive interventions focused on improving communication skills, appropriate interpersonal behaviors, and other skills necessary for independent living or, when age-appropriate, functioning effectively with family, peers, and teachers. Skills training and development may include Assertiveness skills, Anger management skills, Stress reduction techniques, Communication skills, Prosocial skills, Transportation utilization, and the development of natural supports. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Adults Only)

Psychosocial rehabilitative services are social and cognitive interventions our team provides to the recipients that build on strengths and focus on restoring the recipient’s ability to develop and maintain social relationships and occupational and other independent living skills. Psychosocial rehabilitative services include independent living services, coordination services, employment, housing, and medication-related services.


Counseling and Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient treatment and Counseling are designed to assist individuals in developing a better understanding of their mental health and help to establish treatment goals and plans for achieving those goals and provide interventions to assist individuals in accordance with the plan. Outpatient treatment is typically individual, family, and/or group outpatient psychotherapy, consultative services, mental health assessment, evaluation, and testing. Times for provision of these service periods range from fifteen minutes (e.g., medication checks) to fifty minutes (e.g., individual, conjoint, family psychotherapy) and may last up to two hours (e.g., group psychotherapy).


Crisis Intervention

PBSS provides a 24-hour crisis response system to provide services to our agency’s recipients during periods of emergency needs. Crisis intervention services are intensive community-based one-to-one services provided to recipients who require services to control acute symptoms that place the recipients at immediate risk of hospitalization, incarceration, or placement in a more restrictive treatment setting.



We accept direct admission referrals 24/7 and are available to help you find the best care for your patients.

Eligibility Requirements:

To receive services, all potential clients must be at least 5 years old and be eligible for Medicaid.

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Mental and Behavioral Support Services for teenagers, parents, families across Houston Tex
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